Slots Gaming Variety

Slots games come with a huge number of options and come in many different variants.  With the wide range of choices, it may be difficult for players to decide which game they want to play.  Here is a basic list of various types of slot games available for play at online casinos.

Line and Classic Slots

One of the most common types of slot machines are known as single line slots which only have 3 symbols on a reel.  Players simply need to match winning symbols on a single line to win.  More involved slots versions have 3 lines and 3 reels which are known as multi-line slots.  These games have between 1 and 3 paylines and the symbols must be matched on the paylines in order to trigger a payout.

Mulitplier Slots

For players who cannot afford or do not want to place the max bet, multiplier slots are a great alternative.  These slots do not have additional bonuses or payouts for max bets but they offer multipliers that can increase payouts.

Video Slots

Video slots generally have 5 reels with multiple different paylines.  These games usually have special effects or features that are not available for classic slots.  While slots are completely based on luck, slots with more reels provide a larger number of winning combinations so players will have a better chance of receiving a payout.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

While this type of slots game may sound like a multiplier game, there really are not very many similarities.  These slots offer players a bonus if they place a maximum bet.  Therefore, if players bet one coin, players could win 2 coins but if players place a max bet of 3, they will receive an 8 coin payout.

Bonus Round Slots

Slots that offer bonus rounds are extremely fun because they essentially offer a game within the slots game.  Bonus games can be triggered when a certain combinations of symbols appear on the reels.  When this happens, players are taken to another screen where they can win additional prizes or free spins.  However, it can be quite difficult to get the combination that triggers the bonus round.

Progressive Slot Games

Progressive games are the games that many players think of when they picture slots games.  These games offer enormous prizes and casinos usually link their progressive games together in order to increase the progressive jackpot prize amount.  Some progressive jackpot slots begin with a base prize of $100,000 and this prize can grow to be around $2 million.

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