Online Slots Tournaments

Welcome to one of the greatest innovations in online casino gambling - online slots tournaments. Playing slots games against other players is definitely all the rage and if you consider how these tournaments work it's not hard to see why. A few online casino have been running slots tournaments for some time, but they weren't as popular as their land based counterparts. Some of the major casino software providers have improved their tournament software and the value of these tournaments have also increased.

Slots tournaments are quite similar to their land based counterparts. You have probably noticed those roped-off areas in land casinos, full of rows and rows of slot machines with players winning as if their lives depend on it.  The reason players are burning out the spin button is that slot tournaments in land casinos generally awarded prizes based on the most wagers or the most won. Prizes takes on all forms, including cash, merchandise, holidays, meals and just about anything. Some tournaments allow you to win prizes over and above the regular wins on the games (always check if the tournament you enter pays out your actual wins).

Certain tournaments charge an entry fee, some are totally free, and some are only open to VIP players who have accumulated certain VIP points at the casino (there are typically invite-only and often only open to high rollers.)

Online slots tournaments are quite similar and have a few advantages over their land based counterparts. In land based tournaments it is often impossible to know where you are currently placed. Most online tournaments give you regular updates on your current position.

In this section of our website we will give you detailed information on how tournaments work, but here is a very quick overview. Once you have enrolled for the tournament (how you do that depends on the casino software, you are required to be logged on tournament start time, and open up the selected game. Each player in the tourney get the same amount of credits. For example, you may get 1000 credits and twenty minutes to play. This again depends on the tournament format. There are free roll tournaments, guaranteed tournaments and sit and go tournaments. More on that elsewhere in our guide.

Online slots tournaments are great fun and offer excellent entertainment value and the chance to win some good money!