Online Pokies

The term "online pokies", or just "pokies", originated in and is used almost exclusively in Australia. Just about every bar and club in Australia has a backroom full of pokies. Many of the modern innovations in slots can be attributed to Australian gaming machine manufacturers, and one of the world's largest manufacturers is Aristocrat from Australia. Many of the machines you see when you walk into a casino in Vegas are manufactured by them, or inspired by the innovations made by Australian slots manufacturers.

Pokies are what the rest of the world call slots. Online pokies, or online slots have closely followed the development of their land based counterparts. In fact, many of the pokies you will find in casinos and bars have been copied online. You will quickly see that online slots offer the same features - multi line bets, bonus feature games, gamble features and many other characteristics.

Here is a quick overview of the types of online pokies, or slots, you will find at online casinos. You will quickly see that there is little difference between these games and the pokies you find in Australia.

Our online slots guide contains an extensive index of all types of online pokies, with full reviews of each.

Types of Online Pokies

There are many different types of online slots but they can broadly be categorized by these features:

  • The number of reels
  • The number of lines
  • Free spins
  • Bonus feature / Gamble feature or second screen game
  • Progressive jackpots (linked jackpots)

Classic 3 Reel Slots Games
These are the online version of the good old one arm bandits. They are simple games, typically only three reels, and mostly have a single pay line (although some have 3 and 5 pay lines). These are still very popular online and with good reason. They still offer some huge jackpots for a relatively small bet. Some of the more popular games are Bulls Eye and Diamond Deal.

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Multi Line Video Slots Games
Multi line video slots games are similar to video slots or "Australian style" slots that you find in land based casinos. There are literally hundreds of these available online and they range anywhere between 5 and 25 pay lines. Many of these can be played for as little as a penny per pay line, which makes them even more popular. They have wild and exotic themes, and some have even been designed based on famous characters like The Hulk and Lara Croft in Tomb Raider.

Bonus Feature Slots Games

These are by far the most exciting slots games and they come in many varieties. Bonus feature slots games have a second screen game, which is triggered by landing a certain combination of symbols during normal play. The bonus features games offer you the chance to win extra coins, either through "pick a box" style games, or through some interesting themed games, like spinning a jackpot wheel. The most popular bonus feature slots games are old favorites like Thunderstruck, and some of the newer games like Viking's Voyage and Isis.

Progressive Slots Games

These are those life potentially life changing jackpots that millions around the world dream of winning. The biggest progressive jackpot won to date was last year in November on the Gold Rally Progressive Slot, a massive $1.97 million. Other popular games include Millionaires Club, which seems to be won quite regularly and was produces its biggest winner in December 2005 for a whopping $1.77 million.

The most important thing to remember about playing progressive jackpot slots games is to always play the maximum bet. The last thing you want is to hit the winning combination, only to find you didn't bet on the pay line. Visit our Progressive Slots Games listing.